Join ViparSpectra Affiliate - Earn Up to 10% Commission!

Join ViparSpectra Affiliate - Earn Up to 10% Commission!

ViparSpectra, as a pioneer LED grow light manufacturer with over 10-year professional experience, aims to help maximize the production of what you seeded and planted with great affordability.

Now, ViparSpectra invites you to spread the convenience of LED Grow Lights to more growers. Join our affiliate program!

 A Way to Wealth,
Affiliate with ViparSpectra to Earn Money!

ViperSpectra Affiliate Program

ViparSpectra Affiliate Program is the first associated business program official initiated by ViparSpectra, which aims to benefit old and new customers more with bigger discounts. Each registered affiliate is qualified to earn a commission from successful referral orders.

Our Advantages, Your Benefits
*High commission products: The average customer price of our products is above $150 USD, which means you will get at least $10 USD from each order.
*Up to 10% commission on each successful referral sale.
*Extra $20 USD coupon if you join the program from Oct. 14th - Nov. 13rd.

Note: The validity period is within 30 days after receipt. No other limit.

How ViperSpectra Affiliate Program Works?

Part 1. Register and Join
a. Create your ViperSpectra affiliate program account.
Fill in all the required information to create your affiliate account. 

b. Update your profile in “Settings
Fulfill the information of your website link, social media account links and payment settings, so that you can activate your affiliate account and get well prepared for promoting your affiliate link. 

Note: To activitate your affiliate account, you are required to fill at least one link of your social media account. 

Part 2. Promote and Sell
Choose products from our product catalog to advertise and sell. Then, it’s time to take full advantage of your social networks. (Note: Once the account is registered, each affiliate will get an exclusive affiliate link attached with a unique referral code.)

a. Promote by SHARING
Share our product links to your social media channels, and potential customers will click on the post and place orders from your affiliate link.

b. Promote by REFERRING
Directly send your affiliate link to your friends. Once they purchase via your link, you will earn cash.

c. Promote on WEBSITE
Create a promotional link of your own and display it on your own website. Track every valid order.

Part 3. Earn Your Reward
Each successful order will enable you to earn up to 10% commission. The more orders generated from your affiliate link, the more commission you can earn.

We provide a profitable commission system and affordable price for everyone who joins ViperSpectra Affiliate Program. All affiliates enjoy a more competitive selling price at a 10% discount on the original price of all ViperSpectra products, which will greatly help you to boost your sales. The minimum commission rate is 6%, which means that you will get 6% commission from each order generated from your affiliate link.

Special discount offers for ViperSpectra XS Series:
ViperSpectra XS1500-20%;
ViperSpectra XS2000-15%;
ViperSpectra XS4000-15%

Incentive Commission System
When your sales reach $3,000 USD, you will enjoy a commission rate of 7%;
When your sales reach $5,000 USD, you will enjoy a commission rate of 8%;
When your sales reach $8,000 USD, you will enjoy a commission rate of 9%;
When your sales reach $10,000 USD, you will enjoy a commission rate of 10%.

Part 4. Payment
We mainly support two payment methods: Gift card and PayPal. The payment term is 30 days, which means we will pay you every 30 days.

Kinder reminder: The minimum earned commission that you can withdraw via PayPal from your account is $50 USD.

It is bound to be a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Let’s do more together and harvest beyond more!


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