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About ViparSpectra

We offer remarkable products in the grow lights industry, and we do it with passion and quick response to our global customers.


In 2016, we successfully made the first ViparSpectra products. We explored this grow lights industry, aimed to develop a trustworthy brand that focuses on indoor farming. By now, we have created and built a complete set of sales systems ranges from Amazon to the online store. ViparSpectra provides all-round grow lights products, with thousands of packages heading from our warehouse in the USA to customers across the country each day. And to our satisfaction, we have made a connection with millions of customers all over the world, to provide high-quality products and reliable customer service.

Force for Good

We're building a sustainable business for the long term.

Research & Development

The only reason that supports ViparSpectra continuously growing is putting tremendous investment in product research and development. We put effort into listening and investigating to figure out what you need most. And in return, these ability makes us successful, and keep prior advantages over other competitors.

Quality Matters

Over the years, we partnered with technology companies to improve the current LED tech to customize the light spectrum to optimize plant growth and increase yields with less energy consumption. We are confident that our next generation of products will be more intelligent, to level up the grow light industry.

Customers First

We could not go so far without all your support. Staying in touch with our customers and listening to them has made our business step into a higher level. Your opinions and suggestions are the most valuable things for our team.

We believe in the magic of instant response. And we are creating multiple channels to make sure you can quickly get access to us.

What's Next

LED grow light is a new technology in horticultural lighting and is proving to be far more effective than other lighting technologies. Though LED grow lights are expensive, their long-term benefits in terms of energy efficiency make them an ideal option for indoor plant cultivation. For the next decade, we still increase investment in product development and customer service to bring more value to our global customers.

We'll also build a community to provide more personal service for individuals. Please stay tuned and join us by the link below.

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