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Part 1 Choose the right LED grow lights for different sizes of tents?

Q: Does ViparSpectra offer a single light equivalent to the Mars TS3000 to fill a 4x4? What is their equivalent light?

A: P2000,P2500,P4000 work. The XS2000 and XS4000 would work well for that space, too.

Q: I buy 2 xs 2000 for a 3x3 grow tent is overkill, should I can run those 100% or need to dime the light?

A: If you can afford to buy 2. You can always dim or use one, but if something happens u have a backup and plenty of lights to flower if you decide to get a larger tent or another if the same size. Or get another light for 3x3, KS3000 will be your choice.

Q: What fixture would be considered the best for a basement grow at 7 ft ceilings flower room 20 x 20?

A: XS4000 is a good choice.

Q: How Many P2000 would you use in flower in 5x5 rent?

4 pcs of P2000 would fill a 5x5. That would be 800w or 32w per square foot.

Q: What light would you recommend for a 10x10 room?

A: XS4000 or KS5000 are suitable for your room.

Q: What fixture is suitable for my 4x4 tent?

A: Two XS2000 or Two P2000 are suitable for you. One KS5000 is perfect for 4x4 tent.

Q: What size do you recommend for a 4X8 tent?

A: XS4000 or XS2000 is suitable for you. Two KS5000 is perfect for 4X8 tent.

Q: I am having a hard time deciding for a 36'×36'×72' tent. Would one ViparSpectra XS1500 do the job on 2 to 4 plants or would 2 ViparSpectra XS1000 lights do better?

A: 2 ViparSpectra XS1500 would be almost exactly enough based on tests done by COCO's calculator.

Part 2 Suggestions on regular plants issues.

Q: I'm using 2 XS1500 in a 2x4 tent. Followed height and power scale that came with the lights. Is 2 too much? Is this light burn?

A: Nothing wrong with your setup. Looks like your genetics(Nutrient or ph) might be the issue.

Q: There are white spots all over one of my plants. What should I do?

A: Possible spider mites; Or too much PM at too young of a stage to try to fight that battle. Scrap them and clean your room.

Q: Why my plants are drooping?

A: The soil needs to breathe and it can't with all that sand. Dial-in a good watering system not too much and not too little. Keep ph in balance.

Q: Does anyone else here use advanced nutrients grow, bloom, micro? Plant leaves look lime green.

A: Realistically, it takes at least a week to see change. Please take your time my friend, it pays off.

Q: PH is right and I'm not over or under-watering. But the leaves grow yellow. What the issue is here?

A: You can take the yellow leaves off and give them proper nutrients.

Q: What happens when you stay in a veg or flower stage too long?

A: Staying in the veg or flower stage too long can affect the quality of your buds. If in the veg stage, your buds will not get dense, in the flowering stage your plant may die before harvest.

Q: What should I do if a germinated seed isn’t thriving?

A: If your seed has germinated, but it won’t grow, it probably has less to do with the seed and more to do with the conditions.

8.Q: Would all germinate and veg 4 plants under a p1000 for the first 3 weeks? just to get a head start on the next run.

A: Yes, just don’t have it blasted all the way. You’ll be fine I ran a P2000 in veg.

Part 3 Make proper use of LED grow lights

Q: I have the 1500 and growing a 2x2 tent 18' above the auto flower. 100% seems to be too much for my plants light and heat-wise looks like buds and leaves are bleaching out. Is it ok to run it at 75-80% during flower or should I raise it to 24' and adjust my settings on my ac infinity?

A: Either one would work. Turn it down, it'll save on the electricity and try to get your humidity down. 50% is where you want it. And 40% for the last 2 weeks.

Q: Should I build a fan inside?

A: Yes, you do need a fan blowing the air the plant benefits from it by it keeping the humidity constant and not having spiked areas that can cause mold and mildew to flourish.

Q: What's the most important factor when selecting a grow light?

A: 1. The right color spectrum; 2. PAR output, saturation of the canopy is essential; 3. The more air flowing between top colas and light the better; 4. Heat Dissipation.

Q: What should the distance between the highest point of the plant to the light?

A: It's going to depend on how your plants are reacting to the amount of light being given to them...if you are seeing bad light/heat stress which you are, then back off the lights 6 inches and see how the plants react, keep adjusting until you find the perfect height. Happy growing.

Q: Can the Viparspectra Pro Series Grow Lights Grow plants from Seedling to Flowering Phase?

A: Yes, these grow lights will grow your ladies from the seedling to the flowering phase.

Q: What height do I hang the Viparspectra Pro Series Grow Lights?

A: For seedlings, you should hang the lights 22 inches above the canopy. For the vegetative and flowering phase, you should hang the lights 12 inches above the canopy.

Q: Does Viparspectra Pro Series grow lights include infrared?

A: Yes, they have upgraded with IR.

Part 4 Other prompt issues for indoor plants growth

Q: 4 weeks in veg have lots of these bugs. What I should do?

A: Please use ladybugs and nematodes. Flying skull nuke'em works too.

Q: Does regular LED lighting provide any benefit for growing? Would it be a beneficial addition to ViparSpectra grow lights?

A: It depends on the spectrum that the light gives out.
Blue wavelengths enhance vegetative growth and development;
Red light enhances budding, flowering, and fruiting;
Infrared light promotes fruit to grow fullness.
Normally, 3000k, 5000k, 660nm, 720nm diodes are beneficial for plant growth.
Make sure your LED lights give out the above spectrums.

Q: How high should I keep my light in flower/Bloom for best results.

A: 12 to 16 inches recommended.

Q: What's the difference between the Xs series vs the VS series?

A: XS series has a better heat sink and a better par rating.

Q: I have two lamp setups, 1x 1000w led and 1× 600w HPS. Are LEDs better rather than HPS?

A: The HPS will certainly give you the best flowers in the end but the LED might produce less heat if you have trouble controlling your environment.

Q: Can you extend a plant’s lifecycle so that it can bloom annually?

A: Usually, monocarpic plants flowers when they die. You’ll only get one harvest out of a single plant; However, you could grow multiple plants in a single year.

Q: How to increase your indoor plant yields?

A: -Increase Light
Intensity (and possibly add CO2)
-Manipulate How Plants Grow (freeway to produce more bud)
-Provide Correct Amount of Nutrients (sometimes less is more)
-Control Growing Environment (let the growing environment work for you)
-Harvest Plants Properly (most importantly, don’t harvest early!)

8. Q: Would 2 P1500 Viparspectra LEDs work as an equivalent to a 1000w HPS?

A: I recently swapped my 2 1000w hid lights for two LEDs and am very happy about it. They were pricey for sure but I don’t have to run an ac in my room all day, I’ve opened up circuits in my house to double my light coverage. In electrical costs alone the two lights will nearly pay themselves off in a year. And when my other two get ordered and are hung they will pay for themselves in one grow. I’ll be a tad over my power consumption of 2x 1000hid but I’ll have a 10x10 grow area going vs a 4 x 8. It just depends on what you fancy.

Part 5 Shipping & Payment Affairs

Q: Do I have to pay by PayPal? How can I pay with my credit cards or debit cards?

A: You can pay for the orders by PayPal and bank cards. To check out by debit cards or credit cards, please click PayPal Express Checkout button or click 'Complete Order' first, and then choose 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' on the login page. This doesn't require that you have your own PayPal account or to register a new PayPal account.

Q: Does regular LED light Is discreet shipping?

A: Yes, all orders will be shipped discreetly.

Q: How do I track my package?

A: Once getting the tracking number, we will send you an email with tracking information. Please kindly track it on the shipping carrier’s official website.

Q: Do you ship to PO Box?

A: We do not ship to PO Box due to security reasons. Please kindly leave a physical shipping address for your order.

Q: What’s your warranty?

A: ViparSpectra products come with a limited warranty. We will take care of all quality-related issues with full refund or new replacement including any return shipping costs within 30 days return policy. If defect arises and valid claim are within the warranty period, we will offer you repair service or new components for replacement. Check our refund policy for more information. Note: The international shipping cost will be covered by the customer.

Q: Do I have to send the defective products back to Factory?

A: We have local warranty center in the United States,United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. Customers in those countries can return the lights to local warranty center directly. Customers in other countries will have to return to the warranty point of corresponding countries where you buy.

Q: The product is great, but I changed my mind. How do I return an unopened LED grow light?

A: Products with no quality-related issues can be returned within 30 days since receiving your order. If your product does not meet your needs during this period, please contact us at support@viparspectra.com and provide your order number or product information and return reason for us. We will reply you within 1 business day.