10th Anniversary Global Giveaway Preview

10th Anniversary Global Giveaway Preview

November is always accompanied by cheering and laughing. Are you still immersed in Halloween celebrating with family and friends? Do you still remember ViparSpectra's Halloween Giveaway? Ding-dong~ ViparSpectra brings you an exclusive surprise again for the 10th anniversary of "Thanksgiving". Want to know more about it? Let's start!


In 2021, ViparSpectra is 10 years old. During more than three thousand days, thank you for your company and support with ViparSpectra. We have developed and sold six series of grow lights (XS, Pro, VA, VS, V, VB) and different types and sizes of growing tents, growing bags, and aquarium lights. Which one helped your plants grow and bring a fruitful harvest? In the future, ViparSpectra will continue to move forward, accept the suggestions and feedback from our customers on our way, always put the customer's feelings in the first place. And we will stay true to ViparSpectra' Slogan--"Always Growing": 1. Maintain enthusiasm for planting; 2. Maintain vitality for the brand, always upgrade technology, and go beyond ourselves; 3. Attract more excellent growers, expand the "ViparSpectra family" and provide satisfying services for everyone 4. Always accompany you and keep moving forward.




According to the official data, ViparSpectra’s consumers have exceeded 20 million. Among them, there are the original users who accompanied us to grow, and there are also new users who began to pay attention to us recently. ViparSpectra welcomes everyone to join. It is a great honor for us to start the planting journey with everyone together. In order to give back to everyone's support and company, we hold the ViparSpectra "Thanksgiving" global giveaway now, invite all outstanding growers to participate sincerely, the preview information is as follows:


-- Start time: November 18, 2021


-- Theme: Recall your first meeting with ViparSpectra. ViparSpectra 10th anniversary "Thanksgiving" Global Party.


-- Entrances: Facebook, INS, Twitter, 420magazine, Rollitup.


Choose your favorite channel to join us, the" $1000.00 Cash Top" is waiting for you!


Rules will be announced on November 18th, entrances will be opened on November 18th, stay tuned.


Side-note: This event covers the world, no matter where you are, ViparSpectra is always accompanying you.

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