How it works


* Compeletly Free to join in.
* Learn more info about marketing.


* Choose our excellent products to promote.
* Share affiliate links to your site, social media channel, or blog.
* Monetize your traffic with valid tracking links.


* Commission Rate: up to 15%.
* Valid Period( order ): 24 hours.
* Average Customer Price: around $300.

Payment & Commission


  • 1) Payment Methods: Gift card + PayPal
  • 2) Minimum Payment: $50
  • 3) Payment Period: 10th to 15th of next month (Exact date: Tuesday or Friday )
  • 4) Request Gift Cards: Once the product is received by customers, they can apply for a gift card in 1-2 days
  • Note: If a refund occurred, the amount of refund would be deducted from the commission


  • When the commission shows on Dashboard?
  • 1) When the Referral link is confirmed, affiliates will receive the order information ( including order number, order amount, and commission )
  • 2) In general, after customers receive their order, the account manager will Accept the affiliate order from 1st to 3rd of next month
  • 3) Once the order is accepted, you’ll see the corrected commission on the dashboard

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