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The First ViparSpectra Photo Contest

Winners and Entries


The Best Photo Award

Ferney Martinez

Comments from ViparSpectra

- Max (designer): "They look professional!"

- Harrison (marketing team): "This set of pictures just stood out agianst most of other entries we received for the contest."

- Sam (sales team): "I love the way how he uses a magnifier in these pictures, and the light bulbs reflected on the magnifier. Very creative."


The Great Photo Award

Tony Crisafi

Comments from ViparSpectra

- Cherry (sales team): "Looks luxuriant. The plants grow very well. I like it."

- Ruby (sales team): "The plants grow well, and people can see they are growing well under our lights."

- Jiahong (designer): "Well done. I simply like them."


Lucky Prizes for Participation

    Nicholas Ryan
    Dave Ader Albertson
    Jon Marshall

Lucky Prizes for Sharing the Post

    Anthony King
    Mike Leary
    Justin Ward

More fantastic and impressive entries

  • Angus Lee
  • Austin Lathrop
  • Brandon MacWhirter
  • Christal Watson
  • Daniel Chavez
  • Danny Tompkins
  • Hoch Soldat
  • Jeff Walters
  • JJ Dubbski
  • Maxime Boulanger
  • Nicolas Marini
  • Ry Lewis Stillwaters