Viparspectra XS2000 Unboxing, PAR, Wattage & Heat Test

Viparspectra XS2000 Unboxing, PAR, Wattage & Heat Test

On basis of Justintime2grow’s video

After testing Viparspectra XS1500, Justin gave a high approval and holds great expectations on XS 2000 that it will perform as well as XS 1500. Let’s see what was tested on his video.

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Opening up the package, the design of XS2000 is almost the same as XS 1500. Compared with other LED grow lights, XS 2000 is lightweight, weighing only 7.94 pounds. Slick and ultra-thin design with silver chrome coating adds a more technical feel to its whole look. Not only does Viparspectra XS 2000 possess nice-looking, but also XS 200 is built solidly.

No rattles or loose screws occur when Justin shakes XS 2000 on both hands. It has got Samsung LM301B diodes, built with Mean Well driver, set up with a smooth dimmer knob, and coated with water-resistant silicone on its lights board. Also, the hanging kits have good quality. Extra-thick wires are coated well for getting you rid of scratching things up. Monster carabiners and rope ratchets with metal gear ensure perfect solidity.

Pic1:Best driver in the business (Mean Well Driver)

grow light

Pic2:Samsung diodes: 3000k 5000k, 660nm red LEDs, 730nm IR LED

grow light

Pic3:Smooth dimmer knob

grow light

Pic4:Solid hanging kits

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As holding up the XS 2000, live readings tested from PAR meters, Wattmeters, and heat gun were collected to show on the tablet below.

1.Put the PAR meter under XS 2000 in a solid Height of 16 inches.

Dimmer Mark (from dime to bright)

PAR Readings






Pretty efficient to clone your girls. About 100 clones.




Higher than average level




Perfect in the same level




Crank in flower territory

100% (Full power)



Crushing games of LED grow lights business


2.Testing in Full Power (at 236W), a solid Height of 16 inches


PAR Readings


Near edge


Suitable for 3 x 3 inch bloom coverage

Foot side


Suitable for 4 x 4 inch veg coverage


3.Heat testing by a heat gun as shown below: a solid Height of 16 inches

Testing Position

Temperature Readings


Panel part

124 F

Perfect heat dissipation. Preserve diodes long term, provide high efficiency



128 F


Usually, panel parts are hotter than the driver. But Viparspectra uses a fin design instead of a flat board because a fin design is better at dissipating heat and cooling panels. This kind of design is an upgrade and the top one in LED grow lights.

From all tested above, Justin shows his high interest in Viparspectra XS grow lights. And he would more like to try XS 4000 with two drivers. All in all, XS 2000 is one of the top advanced LED grow lights with reasonable prices. Like Justin says, keep happy growing with Viparspectra!


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