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ViparSpectra XS series

Best Indoor LED Grow Light 2021 - Based on Efficiency, Power, PAR, and Lumen

Finding a suitable grow light is crucial for indoor growers who expect large yields. In recent years, LED grow lights... more

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ViparSpectra XS1500 Light Review - by UK420SHOW

This is a real grow diaries sharing by a native grower, UK420SHOW. Let’s see how he cultivates plants and gain harves... more

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How Light Affects Plant Growth

Light is a necessary condition for green plants to grow normally. In real growing actions, we may find many problems:... more

Temperature Affecting Plant Growth

5 Factors Affecting Plant Growth

Environmental factors like temperature, light, water, nutrients, and soil affect plant growth from their germination ... more

PPF VS. PPFD, Which Matters Most for Horticultural Growers

PPF VS. PPFD, Which Matters Most for Horticultural Growers

If you are new to horticulture or learning about growing LED lights, you might have heard about PPF and PPFD measurem... more

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What is PPF in Grow Lights - Perfect Reference for Indoor Grower

PPF is the abbreviation for ‘photosynthetic Photon flux’. It gives information on the number of photons, which are em... more