ViparSpectra XS1500 Light Review - by UK420SHOW

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ps: This is a real grow diaries sharing by a native grower, UK420SHOW. Let’s see how he cultivates plants and gain harvest with ViparSpectra XS1500 grow light.

I have been using the XS1500 for around 6 months and now I have a very good understanding of using the product in both cycles be that for the vegetation stage of special plants cultivation and the flowering stage of this particular plant.

My findings from the 252 pcs SamSung LM301B diodes have been excellent, the power of the LEDs is very good and the spectrum of all LEDs include the IR or infrared LEDs. I have found to be perfect for all stages of plant growth. Although my experience is mainly with special plants, I can also imagine the potential for this light on other plant breeds.

Through the 6 months of my use of the light I have found it to run very cool thanks to the Aluminum heat sink cooling system, the unit has never exceeded 20c in my current set up. Along with one of best driver on the market - MeanWell HLG series, temperatures are always cool. This is valued among special plants growers as keeping temperature's down in the summertime is key to having a good crop.

I have further information regarding the spread of the light and the dimmer switch (5% - 100%) which is a very good thing to have when dealing with seedlings and smaller plants. The way you adjust the wattage could not be easier and takes no effort at all.

Hanging heights are some of the most accurate I have seen also, with no white bleaching of flowers even when close to the light. The production of the chemical compounds in plants being THC seem to be above average for a light of this size and cost.

I do not or cannot think of any bad points to give the XS1500 for the price of the unit and the technology used I think this is one of the best lights for cultivating special plants on the market for small to medium size grow rooms.

My previous experience working with different light brands being GN and Mars Hydro to name a few I can come to the conclusion that this is a great light for anyone looking to turn any small space into a bountiful garden.

All images from my cultivation are on my grow diaries profile clearly marked with the ViparSpectra brand name. Please feel free to use this information at your pleasure.

I would like to add the overall experience and support I continue to have by Valerie and everybody at ViparSpectra is truly appreciated. I will continue to produce content for all my social media platforms in return for the generosity, investment and support you continue to show me and other independent growers across the world.

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