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ViparSpectra XS1500 Light Review - by UK420SHOW

This is a real grow diaries sharing by a native grower, UK420SHOW. Let’s see how he cultivates plants and gain harves... more

PPF VS. PPFD, Which Matters Most for Horticultural Growers

PPF VS. PPFD, Which Matters Most for Horticultural Growers

If you are new to horticulture or learning about growing LED lights, you might have heard about PPF and PPFD measurem... more

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What is PPF in Grow Lights - Perfect Reference for Indoor Grower

PPF is the abbreviation for ‘photosynthetic Photon flux’. It gives information on the number of photons, which are em... more

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All You Need to Know About ViparSpectra XS LED Grow Lights

The ViparSpectra LED grow light XS Series grow lights may look the same as other led grow lights available at slightl... more

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How Does LED Grow Light Work?

Energy-efficient/power-saving LED grow lights are the lighting of the future of agriculture. They are not only econom... more

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Choose the Right Size LED Grow Light for Your Indoor Plants

Starting an indoor grow operation can be overwhelming for beginners since there is a lot to consider to make sure you... more